I was looking through some of my saved videos on my YouTube account when I happened upon Ric Ocasek’s Emotion in Motion:

Hearing this song, which came out in my early teen years, instantly brought me back to thoughts of the past (of course I think the Cars were a fantastic band – I for one enjoyed their odd songs). In many ways I miss the simplicity of the past – or at least what appeared to be the simplicity of the past.

What actually is going on is that back then, I did not have to worry about adult issues – not only not worrying about my personal issues such as my own budget, financial planning, cost of living etc, ¬†but also not worrying national economic problems and global wars on terror and such! Life wasn’t simple back then, just my view of life as a 13 year old.

Are things more messed up now than they were in the 1980’s? Perhaps who can say – it sure seems like they are. However, there are always options for those who think – and even though now requires more thinking than perhaps was required in the past (the stock market rose nicely from 1982-2000 with only a couple of hiccups for example), there are solutions. I promise my clients that I will constantly look, think, and stay open-minded to solutions to challenges no matter where the idea comes from or how unorthodox (or orthodox) it may seem. Let’s go conquer the future together!