Black Friday Warning: Be Careful Out There When Shopping! & 4 Thoughts to Ponder

I am putting this post out at 7AM EST but since some of you maniacs go out at 3AM to get that deal at Walmart, I should publish this article earlier!

Well, here’s hoping I catch you before you run out in a shopping frenzy. I’d like to make a few arguments for constraint.

Four Thoughts to Ponder

First off, they call it “Black Friday” because it’s the day of the year that many retailers finally turn a profit, or go in the “black” for the YEAR. This means that they’re making money this day so be careful of “deals.”

Second, be careful of buying stuff for yourself. Do that after Christmas when things are on clearance. keep this season to buying only stuff for others.

Third, try to catch yourself if you’re being overly consumerist this year. Many observers felt that after the financial crisis in 2008 and ensuing


economic crisis, that many people turned their focus more to loved ones and less to objects – a good trend indeed. If you are considering buying too much, keep that thought in mind – that there are so many things more important than objects.

Fourth and last – don’t try to buy friendship or love. Some people try to make up for lack of contact with expensive gifts. Consider making this the year that you reconnect with those you love.

Just some thoughts to ponder – HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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