Millionaires Suffering from “Investor Fatigue” – You Also?

In a recent article, Financial Advisor magazine discusses a wide-based sentiment hitting American millionaire investors – “Investor Fatigue.”


This sentiment does not surprise me – with investors getting whipsawed over the past decade (big move up til 2000, big move down til 2003, then big move up til 2007 then down in 2008 then up in 2009), the feeling of fatigue would set in. People are tired of ‘getting a lot of action’ but getting no results.

I am curious about my readers – do you feel fatigued by the stock market? Are you ready to just forget the whole thing and buy some bonds?

What do you think of this thing called “investor fatigue?” Do you think people should get over it? Or do you think that the industry and financial media have some role to play because of how they influenced the average person to invest?