How to Downsize Your Home

Typically I write my own articles on this site (saving the task of linking good outside articles to something I do at my personal site However i thought this “How To” article from WikiHow on “Downsizing Your Home” wass nifty so I will share:

WikiHow – How to Downsize Your Home

As the article mentions, downsizing is multifaceted. Some folks have emotional issues with leaving a home they’ve lived in for a while and some people love their neighbors and neighborhood.

Breakfast Outside?

So it’s not just the business side of things – the real estate and the money – that can cause reflection.  When we work with people in this situation – and the scenarios vary widely – we try to take into account the emotional side and not just focus on what we can do with the proceeds of the sale.

It’s an important process and should be taken at the pace that is comfortable to you. Hope the above article helps and hope you find us and our site helpful too.

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p.s. – the home pictured above is a vacation home in Chiconcuac, Mexico – perhaps downsize to there?:)