Estate Planning Lessons from Dad

A wonderful story appeared in the financial blog GetRichSlowly:

Rather than blab let me share the author’s words:

But the most unexpected financial lesson my father taught me came after he passed away. I am the executor of his estate. My dad was always a planner, but the things he did to make this processes easier are amazing. I feel compelled to share them with just about everyone I know. Today, I’m sharing them with GRS readers

In the article, the author Jody (who is a reader of the blog)  shares the steps her father took before he died to make the estate planning process easy on his children. She took it as an act of love and his level of detail simply amazed her. Likewise, I recommend my clients develop a thorough estate plan with the help of a qualified attorney. I often work in conjunction with my clients and the attorney to help think through the thoughts of what would make an ideal, customized, estate plan.

Please read the story here – What My father’s Death Taught Me About Estate Planning

And then take the time to work on your own estate plan, which believe me, needs to be developed no matter what your age is. Estate planning isn’t just for 80 year olds!

If you’d like help in moving in that direction, give us a call or drop us a note on our QUICK contact form HERE. We can help you get started thinking and brainstorming and help you find a suitable attorney if you don’t have one. And very importantly, help you work your estate plan into your overall financial plan.

Thanks for reading.