Health More Important than Money?

If Health Is Most Important, Why Do You Spend More Time Worrying About Money?

Is health more important than money?

You may say that but what do your actions say?

Health More Important Than Money in Studies

It’s classic. People in studies (including this from the Chicago Tribune) often talk about health being the most important concern in their future and during retirement. But then when you look at people, you see them focused (read: worried) about everything but health.

health more important than money?
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Here’s what I mean. If health were THAT important, it would be scheduled first in our calendar, wouldn’t it? I’m guilty of this myself often. Saying health is important but working an extra hour or two instead. It’s likely that extra work time didn’t do much for me, but missing an hour of healthful exercise per day DOES add up over time.

So what’s the solution?

Delegate the CRAP you shouldn’t be focused on (80/20 baby) and schedule more time for health:

  • exercise
  • attend a healthy cooking class at your local adult ed center
  • visit a local farm to get fresh/organic produce
  • stretch
  • get a restorative massage

And since this is a financial site, I’ll tell you what not to do:


This is what I constantly tell prospective clients. Let me worry about your money so you don’t have to. And this applies to other areas of your life. Do not clean your house unless you like cleaning. Do not do yard work unless you enjoy it. Hire someone else to and do what you need to do to focus on what’s important to you.


Simple as that. And if you feel like it, share below something you’ve done to delegate to what’s most important.

Thanks for reading.

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