Online Security Ideas for the Non-Geek

I’m sure a number of our clients and readers are not tech geeks. But increasingly, they are using technology. For example, I remember reading 5 years ago or such that baby boomers were starting to use the internet more frequently and that the fastest growing population online were those over age 75.

(An aside: of course, statistically, that is a little play to get your attention – as growth from 1% usage to 10% = 1,000% growth, teens may have 95% usage going to 96% which is roughly 1% growth – but the fast growth among seniors is still notable)

With this increased usage though, often means amateur use. No disrespect intended just that a newbie online might not be aware of just how their security can be breached. So here are a few ideas to protect yourself when using the web.

Free resources:


Do you not like your online sessions being tracked? Would you prefer that sophisticated little data gathering codes not invade your computer and tell marketers all about you? Consider Abine’s browser add ons.  Easy to attach to the Chrome browser (how fitting).

Tor browser – provides online anonymity so that hackers can not tell where you are logging in from. And there have been plenty of stories of people using Facebook etc to determine when you are NOT HOME so they can go rob you. As people get smarter online, thieves could take it to the next level and track your IP address and where you log in from instead!

HTTPS Everywhere

Attempts to contact sites using a SECURE connection (the ‘S” on the end) so that you establish a secure interface with the sites you are looking at.

Duck Duck Go

Think Google search without Google tracking your every move so that they can not build a marketing profile of you. Google collects so much data that they know MORE than the government about how you browse, shop etc. Cut them out with Duck Duck Go. Easy to add to your browser.

Paid Ideas


An idea that was came to me through StackSocial, a site that helps market software products. Cloak, and products like it, protect you when you use public Wifi like at Starbucks. Smart people can intercept your connection and see what you are doing. Software like Cloak, which focuses on Apple products, and others for Apple and Windows devices, can prevent that snooping.

Silent Circle

An all around security suite of encrypted email, browsing, phone calls etc at a reasonable price. For you “Secret Agent Men.”