Homeless (by choice!) in Retirement

Oftentimes, it’s young people who talk about “taking a few years off” after college (or even before or in between college) to discover the world – and perhaps even “find themselves.”

But it’s a whole different story when someone over 60 does this. It’s a different story and an excellent lesson. A few months ago I read a fun article about a retired couple that was doing just this. From the article by Lynne Martin:

Our children gasped and our friends were speechless when we sold our beautiful California house along with most of the furniture, put our treasures in storage, and set out to live internationally without a home base. At 72 and 67, we have been home free for two-and-a-half years, lived in nine countries, and we have never been healthier or happier! Buenos Aires, Argentina, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Paris, Florence, Istanbul, London, Dublin, Marrakech, Morocco, and California’s Central Coast have been our temporary homes for anywhere from two weeks to three months at a time. We’re living in Paris for three months this year. Berlin will be our home in August, while in September we will return to a favorite village in Britain, near Henry the VIII’s Hampton Court Palace, outside London. Our repositioning cruise from Copenhagen will take us back to the United States in October, where we’ll rent a place through the holidays. We have no home base, and all of our belongings are in a 10′ by 15′ storage unit in California.
We made our decision when we realized that we were just marking time by staying at home.

This perfectly illustrates the idea that I try to pass to my clients – go out and enjoy yourself. Meet people, see places and enjoy new experiences. Especially for my Boston clients who just went through a dandy of a winter. This story should be great inspiration. And it outlines just what downsizing can open up to you.

Young and old can do this. And ought to try! And if you are thinking of something like this – drop a comment here or send an email. We’d love to hear about it.