Retirement Income Planning – How to Construct a Portfolio (Seminar)

come learn about constructing a retirement income planning portfolio

Building a retirement income portfolio can be much different than a growth portfolio. In fact, so much different, they would certainly not be mistaken for each other. In this October 28, 2015 (10:00AM) workshop we will focus on:

RETIREMENT ALLOCATIONS and how to properly approach planning for retirement income.

A retirement income portfolio is not necessarily a “more conservative” stock and bond portfolio. It’s not just about withdrawal rates vs growth rates. It’s not just about picking “conservative” stocks.

It might focus on targeting bond maturities to each year in retirement. It might focus on

come learn about constructing a retirement income planning portfolio
come learn about constructing a retirement income portfolio at the Watertown COA on october 28, 2015 @10AM.

immediate annuities to provide a steady income with excess money invested in something riskier. It should involve building a proper FLOOR of stable income, before exposing your money to excessive risk by shooting for too much UPSIDE gain. It should pay heed to having adequate RESERVES – an emergency fund. And it should consider planning for LONGEVITY – if you happen to live past age 85 as more and more retirees are.

In this workshop, we will focus on RETIREMENT ALLOCATIONS

When most people think of “allocating investments,” they think “stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, preferred stock etc.” In this workshop we will get you to think about: Reserves, Floor, Upside, and Longevity.

In discussing these concepts we will also answer questions like:

  • how we would construct a retirement portfolio using the Retirement Allocations concepts?
  • Whar are the risks and rewards of the various strategies?
  • How do we factor in inflation in planning?
  • Are there strategies to crash proof a retirement portfolio?
  • Can you construct a plan to spend it all and still leave an inheritance?
  • Should recent stock market volatility cause us to change our investments?
  • If I prefer annuities in retirement, what are the biggest gotchas to look out for?
  • And more including your questions.

Event Details

Location: Watertown Council on Aging

Date: October 28, 2015 @10AM

Call the COA directly at 617.972.6490 to RSVP

About Christopher Grande

Come hear Christopher Grande, MSIM, RMA®, Principal of Walnut Hill Advisors, a Registered Investment Advisor Firm and fiduciary, give you some straight answers.

Chris in Cambridge, MA
Chris in Cambridge, MA

Working on an hourly or all inclusive flat fee basis (for certain client programs), Chris provides independent and unconflicted advice to both his clients and guests at his workshops. Chris has 21 years of experience, a high level of financial education and training, and expertise working with retirement income portfolios. Chris has expertise on retirement income planning, IRA strategies, real estate downsizing, long term care planning and tax strategies for retirees.

Chris has appeared such publications as the Wall Street Journal, Investopedia and he is a member of the Retirement Income Industry Association and holds the RMA® credentialChris can be reached at 888.278.9433 x5.