Workplace Benefits: Making Smart Choices When You Change Jobs

Understanding Workplace Benefits…

Congratulations on your new position! I know the last thing on your mind are your new workplace benefits. Because I’m sure you are full of excitement about your success. You competed against a few other very qualified candidates and you came out on top. And now you have an exciting new challenge.

You made smart choices about the opportunities you pursued. Them, you nailed your first interview. The follow up interviews went great too. And later on, HR Director called to tell  you that everyone was very impressed with what you brought to the table.

Well done!

However, before you sink into those challenging new duties, Be wise and take a look at your new workplace benefits and make sure you’re making smart choices there too.

Workplace Benefits are Confusing

Do benefits packages leave you a bit confused? And if not confused, are you just not excited

workplace benefits expertise not required! Just sign up for the course.
You don’t have to be super smart to make smart workplace benefits choices! (photo courtesy of Juhan Sonin

about reading through tons of “literature?” I know you’d rather read the back of a toothpaste box and find out how the whitening works than read benefits PDFs on your company HR site.

But this is important stuff. But because I know how dull this stuff can be, I am putting the finishing touches on a video series that will provide education and shortcuts to choosing workplace benefits.

Video Series Helps Solve the Benefits Mystery

Specifically, I will help you formulate the right questions to ask yourself so that you can make smarter, quicker choices with your benefits. Here’s what I will outline in this free video series:
  • Health Insurance – the first thing everyone thinks ofbetter with a financial advisor
  • Disability – In my mind, not optional: how to set this up properly
  • Life insurance – should you get this?
  • FSA- the changes to consider
  • 401k/profit Sharing – Yes take the free money but what else to consider?

Workplace Benefits – Don’t Take Them for Granted

People often take employer benefits for granted. Almost like we take mom for granted as she cooks and cleans for us all through our childhood.
Employees often don’t realize how much workplace benefits are worth and how they can simplify life. Imagine the extra time you’d have to put in to research health, dental, vision, disability and life insurance plans. And imagine comparing costs of the hundreds of options out there?
And what if you didn’t have benefits and had to pay out of pocket the extra thousands that these benefits are worth. Would people appreciate the benefits more then?
Before you look at your benefits package as just another formality in taking your new job, look at this as a serious part of your overall financial planning security. My video series will help you with this.
Money saved now, not only through smart budgeting, but also through having proper financial tools in place, can mean accomplishing financial freedom much faster. And you would like to be financially free faster, wouldn’t you?

Make Smarter Choices with Your Money

If you want to make smart choices, and don’t want to be a financial dunce, register for my upcoming video series on workplace benefits. I am preparing concise helpful videos for busy people to help them ask the right questions when choosing benefits.
your workplace benefits coach!
Christopher Grande, MSIM, RMA – your financial coach

Bonus. When you register for the video series, get a free 30 minute workplace benefits phone consult with Chris Grande, MSIM, RMA. Chris is 21 year financial planning expert, speaker, teacher and financial blogger. Chris has taught courses and led workshops at the Tufts Institute for Learning in Retirement, the Medford, Watertown, Lexington, Melrose, Arlington and Belmont Councils on Aging, at various local libraries and Boston area corporations.

Chris normally charges $175/hour for consulting. Get 30 minutes free to supplement the video series.
 Cover photo courtesy of Juhan Sonin