Winchester Workshop - Medicare & Social Security

6 Powerful Medicare & Social Security Tactics You Weren’t Thinking About – But Should

Winchester Workshop – Medicare & Social Security

on March 1 at 7PM I will be holding a public workshop at the Winchester (MA) Public Library (@winpublib) on Medicare & Social Security. Due to the demographics of the area, this talk is focused on how financially comfortable people should approach Medicare and Social Security.


What Do Higher Net Worth/Income People Have to Think About with Medicare & Social Security?

The most important changes happen with taxation and cost adjustments. Many people know that it doesn’t take too much income before they start taxing social security. But if you’re in certain subgroups of the financial population, you might still be able to cut that bill – even if your net worth is over $2 million.

With Medicare, it gets worse. The premium increases for those making higher incomes are very large. But these increases occur at higher income levels. It may be more possible to avoid this significant cost increase with some good strategy.

Benefits Considerations

Those born before 1954 can still suspend benefits and take the spousal option on their social security. The key is knowing the 5 questions to ask. One of those points is affordability. Higher net worth folks are more financially able to defer social security and maximize payout than others. The benefit difference can be 6 figures. We will cover that.

Also, Medicare requires certain strategies. Strategies to not only keep exorbitant drug costs down, but also to customize care and match the health care plan options that make the most sense for you personally.

How You Will Benefit from the Winchester Workshop – Medicare & Social Security for Financially Comfortable People

You will leave the workshop with strategies to:

  • Maximize the benefits you get for all the taxes you’ve paid over the years
  • Keep taxes as low as possible
  • Avoid cost increases if possible
  • Coordinate your benefits so what you’re paying for actually works best for you
  • How to pull it all together and coordinate this into your overall financial planning

If you have any questions or would like to RSVP, click here:


This will put you on the RSVP list with the library. If you can’t make it but would like the outline and summary of the talk, let me know. We look forward to having you. Note: we have space for 20 and it always fills up. If you’re interested, contacting me sooner is better than later. Thank you.


Chris Grande

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Winchester Workshop – Medicare & Social Security

March 1, 2017 @ 7PM

Winchester Public Library

80 Washington St Winchester, MA 01890