Free Guide: 5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Financial Advisor

Don't Make these Common Mistakes. Instead, In  Just 15 Minutes Determine What to Look For.

Lets face it, interviewing financial advisors can be a tremendous WASTE OF YOUR TIME. And how would you even know what to ask a prospective advisor? "What stocks do you like?" Seriously, if your conversation with a financial planner evolves into that kind of conversation, you've gone the wrong way.
Want to avoid mistakes like that?
Then you're in the right place. My name is Chris Grande and I've been advising clients for 21 years. I've seen it all. So use my experience, which I've boiled down to a simple questionnaire, to help you make smart choices about who handles your money.
Realize that this guide will help you whether or not you hire me or any advisor.  Of course I hope that if after reading my guide, you determine that you'd like to interview a few advisors, that I'd be one of them. But there's no obligation to contact me. 
Thanks for your time!
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