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The Future of Education (Hint – Not Based on Brick Walls)

One of the key points of the book is that higher education must teach students how to acquire human and social capital, and the values that are essential to success in the emerging economy. The current system assumes students will acquire the necessary values by some sort of magic. This explains much of the failure …

HSA: Mysteries of The Health Savings Account

Understanding Health Savings Accounts… What the dickins is a health Savings Account? Since many people still use low deductible HMO’s and PPOs, there has been no need to know what an HSA is. However, as more and more companies try to control health insurance costs  – Whole Foods and Target being two large corporations that …

Late in Life Retirement Planning for Boomers

Photo courtesy of 401(k) 2012 A number of clients approach me (often they are referred) worried about a retirement shortfall. Often it’s someone around age 60-64 who for whatever reason, has not saved significantly for retirement. Reasons often include: