Here are some stories featuring me or quoting me from various sources over the years. Enjoy! Bankrate’s Best Cash Back Credit Card of 2018 (FAQ section)

Boston Voyager: Meet Christopher Grande of Walnut Hill Advisors (July 10, 2017) – A nice feature piece from a national media outlet with localized sections who likes to feature unique business stories

The Street / MSN Money: Retirement Investments for a Rising Interest World  (November 3, 2016) – I comment on creative ways to boost income in the current rate environment

InvestmentNews: Lack of regulation on CRM note-taking can put advisers in sticky software scenarios  (June 3, 2016) – I comment on the benefit of solid note taking in meetings

The Insurance Forums: Financial Advisor Transparency – The Power of Straight Talk (February 13, 2014) – I am quoted on my views of transparency and interpretation of advisor credentials.

Amsterdam Printing: Mobile Marketing Part 2 – Tips and Tricks from the Front Lines (Sept 5, 2013) – I was one of the people interviewed on the technology I use to run my business from mobile and when I travel across country

Wall Street Journal: A Written Plan Can Help Your Portfolio  – (May 30, 2012) Discusses why having an “Investment Policy Statement” can benefit small investors too

US Gold Bureau: Debt of the United States Put on Negative Credit Watch by S&P– I write about how equities and precious metals tend to do comparatively better than holding CD’s and cash when a country’s currency is in trouble

AllBusiness (A Dun & Bradstreet Co) – Credit Card Limit Cuts Catch Business Owners by Surprise (November 8, 2010) – I put my final tax bill on my credit card, as the credit card company promotes me to do, and then they cut my limit due to the large charge size!

HelpMyResume.orgIs Print Media a Dying News Form? – (October 18, 2010) – Discuss my efforts using traditional advertising

NFIB – The Benefits of Instant Messaging –  for Your Business – (October 2010) Yes this is a bit off-topic – so what!

Investopedia How Mail-In Rebates Rip You Off – (August 26, 2010) – read how I lost 50% of my rebate! (yes we all make mistakes, I didn’t make that mistake again when I went to Staples with another rebate/gift card – read about that here: Throwing Away Dollars...)

US Gold Bureau – I wrote an article about how rising Asian currencies will affect the demand for gold –  World Economy Driving Price of Gold (8/10/2010)

US Gold Bureau – a blog for a gold dealer where I discuss the merits of owning physical precious metals vs “paper” assets – US Gold Bureau (7/28/2010)

Chris (my personal site) where I discuss the importance of using an independent custodian for assets – (2/6/2009) article on frugality – Extreme Savers Share Their Secrets (4/4/2008)

Tax Relief for Mutual Fund Investors – This was published in 2004 by Agency Sales but I guess this site (Highbeam) picked it up! (8/1/04)

Me trying to convince the SEC to change a rule: Advisor Testimonial Use (10/3/2003) . –Update 2014: SEC does allow unsolicited reviews among other things, on sites like Yelp and Google as long as the advisor does not alter them nor use discretion in showing/hiding reviews. See SEC link HERE.