Financial Planning – How to Get Started: What are the steps?

Financial planning is not a software or a binder or even a process. The best financial planning is an ongoing relationship. It’s about organizing and calculating and counseling and leading to help people make smart choices about their money…continually…as they live their dynamic lives in a changing world. ~ Bill Bachrach, CSP  | Hall of Fame Speaker & Teacher to Financial Advisors

This is a great quote that accurately describes true financial planning and advising in our opinion. Planning is continuous and comprehensive. It’s also coordinated and transparent. Speaking of transparency, here’s how we work with clients:

Comprehensive “WHA Family Office” Planning Service. Flat Fee: $13,000 per annum (2017).

Our coordinated team delivers our 10 Deliverables annually which include:

  • 3 in-person or virtual meetings per year.
  • Comprehensive continuous financial financial planning following our detailed deliverables calendar.
  • Tax forecasting and Tax prep performed by our CPAs.
  • Investment Advice and Management performed by our passive or active money managers.
  • Insurance and Risk Management performed by our Insurance team.
  • Medical cost and retirement Medicare planning performed by our Medicare and Health Insurance expert.
  • And much more…

WHA Basic Planning Services. 2 levels of Flat fee $2,500 or $7,000 per annum.

For clients with much simpler situations we offer a few options based on needs.

  • 2  virtual formal update meetings per year
  • Comprehensive financial plan updated 2xs/year.
  • (Optional) investment management performed by our passive or active money managers.
  • Insurance, tax, cash flow and debt planning.
  • And more…

Who is a good client match to work with us?

Typically our clients:

  • Are delegators. They understand that discretionary time is the most valuable asset in the world and prefer to delegate financial matters to a competent team of professionals so they can enjoy doing more of the things they want to be doing. We worry about the money so you don’t have to.
  • Are Realistic. Our clients want to hear the truth from us no matter what. Our clients are also intellectually and emotionally mature, and do not watch **insert annoying financial TV show name here” and allow news or other people to push them off their disciplined plan.
  • Are Responsible. And they understand the catastrophic results that come from poorly planned financial decisions. And they know that taking unnecessary risk puts their financial life in jeopardy.
  • Enjoy Simplicity. They appreciate the simplicity of having one ‘financial CEO’ that reports to them and coordinates their financial life under a simple fee arrangement.

Ready to Talk About How to Get Started in Financial Planning?

 We have a simple online questionnaire that we ask you to fill out before we talk. You can find that questionnaire here:

Plan With Chris Questionnaire. 

Of course if you have questions, call our office at 888.278.9433.

Financial Planning-How to Get Started: Insisting on a Fiduciary Relationship

Note: with the current debate in political and legal circles about the responsibility of advisors vs brokers, we would like to point out that as an RIA, a Registered Investment Advisor, we are a fiduciary under the law and must hold the highest standard of care when advising our clients.

Not sure if working with a financial planner is right for you?

Chris Grande, WHA’s firm Principal created a handy guide called 5 Questions to Ask

financial planning - how to get started Chris Grande 5 questions to ask before choosing a financial advisor

Free Guide: 5 Questions…

When Deciding to Hire a Financial Advisor.

This guide will help you through the process of deciding whether to work with an advisor or not. And if it does make sense,  the guide shows you what kind of relationship might suit you best. The guide is free and will save you a boat load of time!

Request the guide by clicking the guide image or click HERE.