Thanks for requesting my guide 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Financial Advisor. I think you will find the simple exercises held within this document invaluable to helping you make smart choices and save time. What advisor questions should you ask?

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Purpose of this Guide

My goal is that it helps you make wiser choices. Here’s an example:


Based on your very helpful guide, we figured out my mom is an extreme do-it-yourself-er! 
So I was wondering if you were interested in helping on an hourly basis to create a portfolio for her. She just moved her retirement income to Vanguard ($1.2m) and wants an EFT based strategy for her Vanguard account where she is about to invest $300,000.
She trusts Vanguard but not to create a good mix for her, I remembered you had great ideas when we talked. She’s retired, but taking the minimum each year, as she wants to invest wisely for her estate. Hence the Stretch IRA’s inquiry last month.
Please let me know if it’s something you are interested in doing.
To me, this shows that my guide helps people get clarity through all of the confusion. The guide helped this mom figure out who she is (in terms of a customer personality profile – nothing too existential here), and how she should work with a professional.

The guide will help others come to different conclusions – different, but RIGHT FOR THEM.

Advisor Questions? What Should You Do?

If you want to get some clarity, download the free guide and work through the 5 questions to ask before hiring a financial advisor. Then you’ll be on your way.

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However, are you a successful person who delegates tasks that are not your core competency or focus? Curious about finding an advisor who pro-actively worries about your money so you don’t have to?

Then maybe you and our team are a good fit to work together. To find out, click THIS LINK to go to our online questionnaire. We will then get back to you to schedule a time.

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Chris Grande, MSIM, CFP®, RMA®


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