More Reasons to Focus on Health – For Real

So many people say that health is important. And if you ask the average person about what is important in life, you’ll often get the list before you get to money – health, spiritual life, family, friends blah blah then they get to financial security.

However, when you watch their actions, you often see a different order – money, material goods, best friend, family, spirituality, and health. I don’t know if this is on purpose or part of our American programming but health and spiritual health (which go hand in hand) are often an after-thought.

So it seems we all need a little reminding of our priorities. Here’s something for you. Bloomberg reported on a study that showed a relationship between the bacteria related to gum disease to residue found in Alzheimer’s victims.

from Bloomberg – CT scan of elderly man with old occipital brain infarct. Photograph: Kallista Images

What’s that mean? Maybe nothing – however, with such a dreadful disease, do you want to take a chance? Oral hygiene, if you’d dragged in that area, needs to be stepped up!

I’d recommend what my hygienist recommended to me – which has already proven results – an electric toothbrush.

from Oral B website

Take small regular steps to better health like using an electric toothbrush, let someone else worry about things like money (i.e. find a competent comprehensive planner to manage the boring financial minutiae) and cleaning your house, and you focus on family, health and living a balanced life.


photo courtesy of pau_artigas)