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Financial planning is not a software or a binder or even a process. The best financial planning is an ongoing relationship. It's about organizing and calculating and counseling and leading to help people make smart choices about their they live their dynamic lives in a changing world.

Client Benefits

A Full Suite of Resources & Tools for You

Get & Stay Organized with Our Client Portal

A powerful tool for our clients when you want to feel fully organized with easy access to your entire financial picture with one secure login. Our client portal links nearly all of your investments, loans, bank and credit card activity and insurance data via a live feed. Also included is an encrypted vault for secure storage of all of your important documents. Couple this with real time financial planning in conjunction with your planning team, you always have the total picture, organized, in one place.

Advice and Planning from Our Top Notch Deliverables Team

Our elite team of professionals covers Asset Management, Tax Strategy & Preparation, Liability Insurance Strategy, Medicare & Health Insurance Strategies, Mortgage and Lending Strategies, Legal Planning & Asset Protection Strategies, Life Insurance, Disability & Long Term Care Strategies, All wrapped in a comprehensive financial plan powered by your Financial Roadmap (R) helping make sure you succeed.

Accountability to Keep You on Track to Achieve

We use a 100+ point checklist, an annual tracking system, 3 meetings per year and hours of back office analysis to deliver 10 Client Deliverables to you. All the while keeping you on track for your goals with coaching, easy to follow "client to do" items and following up on tasks until completion. Our goal - help you make it happen.

Meet Your Team

Experience, Service, and Enjoyment

Chris Grande, MSIM, RMA®
Chris built Walnut Hill Advisors from scratch in 2010. he has spent every year of his career improving his "game." he holds a Masters Degree, an RMA® designation and a Certificate in Financial Planning from the College for Financial Planning. he overseas roughly $40M of client net worth serving ~25 families.
Denise Yelvington, CPA
Tax Strategy
Denise handles tax forecasting and preparation for our clients. Working with her partner Cindy Hickey CPA, Denise helps our clients save on taxes through both her in depth knowledge of the tax code and thorough planning strategies. Denise and Cindy worked together at a mid-sized auditing firm before breaking away.
Lindsay Quillen, LCSW
Health Insurance & Medicare Expert
Lindsay brings 12 years of experience in both private and public health insurance knowledge. With numerous experts predicting that retirees will need over $250k saved just for health care costs, even wealthy clients need to plan smartly for theirs (and their parents) health care costs. Lindsay makes the process much easier.
Steve Joyce, CIC
Insurance and Risk Management
Steve and his team review our client risk management programs and make recommendations based on their decades of experience. He makes sure our clients have the right coverage and that they're not paying a penny more than they should for it.

Confused About Choosing a FInancial Planner?

Are you wondering if you should be working with a financial planner or not? And if so, what kind of relationship you should have? Chris has created a handy questionnaire - 5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Financial Advisor- to help you decide whether working with a planner is right for you or not. And if so, how that relationship should be structured. Download your free take at home test by clicking here.