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Real Estate Transition Planning (Downsizing) – It’s a big change…

You’ve lived in your house for a long time. You know every angle and can walk down the stairs in the dark without hesitation. not only that, you remember every project you’ve done on the home, when it was done, how much it cost, and how hard it was to finish!

Your kids grew up here. They ran down those stairs on Christmas morning.  Your son came through that front door the day he injured himself in practice. And you celebrated your dad’s birthday in your living room. Furthermore, your “victory garden” with those enormous tomatoes is out back! Two of your best friends live nearby and visit often.

You surprised your wife on her birthday with the gift you left strategically in your kitchen.  And you found out the terrible news that your mom had cancer while talking on that phone in your den.

All of these are powerful memories. Some good and some bad. And the idea of leaving them all behind is difficult to process. How can you leave? What will you do with all this “stuff?!!”

The decision to sell your home (or your parents’ home) to move to a more comfortable and convenient arrangement makes complete logical sense, but as we know, it’s not just a logical decision. There are many emotions tied into a move and battling these emotions can be mentally exhausting not only for the person moving but also their family.

Some logical questions that arise:

Downsize to Mexico?

Where will I go?

Will it be hard to sell my home?

What do I do with all my stuff?*

Are there tax issues to consider when I sell?

Should I update my estate plan if I sell?

How do I invest the proceeds of the sale (often more money than one is used to!)?

How do I secure myself throughout retirement – I felt so safe in my home?

Of course emotionally, there are a whole bunch of other things to consider:

The stuff issue is also emotional isn’t it? (memories: photos, meaningful antiques, etc)

How will my new home location affect access to my family?

Am I moving away from friends?

Will I be bored?

Can I have a garden?

With all this in mind, this whole process of real estate downsizing can seem intimidating – and not worth doing. Don’t despair! It may be a good move for you and you know it, but just don’t want to worry about all of the details alone. Here’s where we can help. After helping numerous clients with the downsizing process and answering hundreds of questions at scores of seminars held over the last decade on this topic, we have developed a helpful advice summary to guide people just like you through this entire process. Navigating the complex world of real estate becomes much easier with the help of a realtor from sites like

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Free Report on Downsizing Your Home

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