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Working with Walnut Hill Advisors offers you a team of experienced professionals to deliver complete and comprehensive financial planning,

Walnut Hill Advisors’ Deliverables Team*:


Christopher Grande, MSIM, RMA®

Principal and Lead Planner with 23 years of financial planning and investment management.

Chris ensures that your overall financial plan is executed and monitored throughout the year. He oversees the deliverables team as they execute client deliverables through 100+ checklist point items. See the About Chris page here.

Denise Yelvington, CPA*

Denise provides tax counseling, tax forecasting and tax preparation services for Walnut Hill Advisors clients. Additionally, She provides consulting to us as needed and helps our clients prepare taxes and forecasts as part of our comprehensive client package.

Lindsay Quillen, MSW, LCSW*

Lindsay helps you and (maybe) your parents navigate health care options in retirement by expertly comparing options available and advising on appropriate steps to take.Lindsay brings over a decade of experience in choosing health care plans in retirement and in early retirement.  And her experience includes Medigap, Medicare Advantage, Part D plans and more. In addition, Also, Lindsay helps with Medicare billing and care disputes.

 Steve Joyce, CIC*

Steve provides comprehensive advice on personal and business liability insurance. And when you have assets, you must protect them. From accidents, from malicious intent, and other risks. Furthermore, you want a protection plan that fits into your overall financial plan. Therefore, Steve’s team analyzes our clients’ insurance programs and helps us develop a list of action items. As a result, this action plan not only often improves coverage, but many times also pricing. And they find every possible discount you could qualify for. Furthermore, if it makes sense, Steve and his team will take over and do all the work for you.

 Joseph DiMeo, CBR*

Joe is an experienced real estate agent serving Medford and Winchester primarily. In addition, he is a Certified Buyer’s Representative and has represented a number of buyers and sellers in his focus towns. Joe can help you negotiate the deal and help you navigate the entire buying process.

 Nancy Grignon*

Nancy is one of the most experienced real estate agents serving Belmont and Watertown. And she has decades of experience and numbers of repeat buyers and sellers in town to prove it. In fact, many of Nancy’s clients have moved up from purchases in the mid six figures to multi-million dollar properties over the course of many years. Ideally, Nancy can help you crack into these exclusive markets with both eyes open. She can also help discreet sellers of high end properties when privacy is preferred.

Estate Planning Attorneys*

We at Walnut Hill Advisors have a few solid attorneys to advise our clients. However, 0ur experience shows that clients want an attorney who is close by. We have attorneys that not only provide complimentary counsel to us when helping clients, but also live nearby if clients need more detailed legal work.

Outside Boston: A 21st Century Virtual Advisory Relationship*

We work with clients in: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC, South Carolina, Florida, Missouri,  and California. As a result of this national experience, we have the tools in place to serve clients virtually as well as we serve our clients personally. With:

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We are a fee based (flat fee preference) Massachusetts Registered Investment Advisor. You can find us just outside of Boston in Belmont, MA (formerly at Zero Governors Ave in Medford, MA). Specifically, we offer comprehensive financial planning services and investment management services. As an RIA firm, we are a Fiduciary and are required to handle your affairs with the highest standards.

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*Please Note  that consultants listed here are not employees of Walnut Hill Advisors and do not necessarily represent a recommendation to you to use their services. Please contact us to see if they’d be a good fit for you. However, If you contact them directly, you understand that you alone are responsible for that relationship.

Walnut Hill Advisors utilizes these outside consultants in helping us construct financial plans for clients. Moreover, we use a number of sources in addition to our consultants. These sources include other professionals specializing in mortgages, banking, health care, other areas of law including Medicaid, career counseling, psychology and coaching. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive level of service with the expertise and input of a variety of professionals.

Please see our disclosures page regarding the providing of advice and this site.