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Walnut Hill Advisors has a comprehensive team of experienced professionals who have skills in planning, investment management, and research. Our advisors currently serve clients in the Boston area, greater New England…

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Message from Chris Grande Principal at Walnut Hill Advisors, LLC

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14 December 2014

Erasing High Variable Annuity Fees and The Unstoppable Move Toward “Advisor” Annuities

For years financial advisors have recommended variable annuities as a one stop solution for a variety of client concerns. Afraid of losing your principal? Covered. Afraid of running out of money? Covered. Want to earn a stock market return with less risk? Covered. But the cost of these feel good solutions may be too high. The fees on some of these variable annuity products approximate 4% (!!) all in. And at that level, the chance of “market returns” becomes much less…

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