Taking Control of your Future: Housing Options in Retirement

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Local experts on downsizing can help you or your parents decide this important step. Whether you are leaving the ‘burbs to enjoy life in the city or moving to California, you will get loads of good information. For example, we will discuss and analyze the following questions and issues (and more):

  • Is it financially better to remain in your home or not
  • If you decide to stay in your home or plan to move to senior living apartments, what planning decisions should you make now to prepare and plan for retirement? Do you need to install chair lifts, stair lifts, etc. if you opt to stay in your home?
  • A summary of the various public benefits available to aging seniors in need of care like respite care for seniors
  • If you are helping an aging, fragile parent downsize or go to a senior living facility like River Point of Kerrville senior community, what legal planning steps should you be exploring RIGHT NOW before it’s too late?
  • If you decide to downsize, what are the various options for housing in retirement and what are the pros and cons of each?
  • Are there smart tax planning strategies for selling a primary residence – and what if that residence is a multifamily? Are there tax traps like depreciation to worry about?
  • An overview of Assisted Living, CCRC’s and Nursing Care Centers and what questions you should ask retirement community executive directors.
  • Should you apply for Long Term Care insurance or the newer hybrid insurance product or should you simply rely on legal planning to “hide your assets?”
  • Where should you invest the proceeds of your home sale in today’s market?

If you’re interested to learn more about senior living options, you can check out services like Vista at Simi Valley – memory care or Fountain Square of Lompoc assisted living.