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Pension Payout Gotcha to Look Out For

The premise is in the article is that, by changing the mathematical formula that values pension payouts, you could lose tens of thousands of dollars if you take a lump sum payout after these changes are put in place.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Please Enjoy time with your family today – forget work, tasks, chores, and above all, shopping. Focus on FAMILY! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Photo Courtesy of Kevin Stryke

Placing Income Investments In Your IRA Before December 31?

With the upcoming tax increases approaching January 1, and with Congress still at a standstill about deciding who ‘deserves’ to keep their tax cut, it may pay for you to consider reallocating your investments now to maximize tax deferrals and avoid higher taxes in investment earnings. Here’s what I’m talking about Dividend tax rates will …

Do You Invest Like a Man or a Woman?

Some investing tests are showing men to be more capable than women at answering investing/money questions - and this is happening across age groups and education levels. Is this indicative of reality? Are women not as smart as men with money?

Getting a Retirement “Job”

So many clients approach me and ask if they will be able to afford to retire. They look at me, with a bit of desperation, and wonder if they truly can quit their job. Can they? The answer is, it’s a mixed bag. Some people truly can retire when they want to. They have enough …